My Digital Studio

Hello.  I just want to do a quick post since I didn’t post yesterday.  I am sorry to be missing days but life is starting to get a little more hectic.  It is T-minus 2 days and counting before I go back to work after officially being out of full time work for a year.  My start date is two days off of making it officially 365 days.  I had to prepare some stuff for about an hour presentation for my first day on the job.  So my time for stamping has gotten very limited.  I will get all this balanced out I am sure.  I am not going to give up my stamping.  I did work on stuff tonight for my business just not anything creative.

Today’s topic is the My Digital Studio or the MDS2 since they have come out with an updated version.  For anyone not familiar MDS2 is a digital scrapbooking/papercrafting program that allows the user to create digitally what would normally be created on paper.  It allows you to use the same colors, paper, stamps, and embellishments that you are already familiar with from the paper world on your digital projects.  I am slowly getting acquainted with this program and have used it for a few projects.  I haven’t finished a scrapbook yet but I did make my business cards using the software.

I loved being able to use Stampin’ UP’s colors and embellishments on my business cards for my Stampin’ UP! business.  I created the card in MDS using the tag template and then exported each side of the card to a  jpg file and then just copied the jpg files into a word file business card template.  I printed that onto some precut business cards from Staples and I was all set with what I think are some very elegant and stylish business cards.  I was able to using duplex printing have double sided cards.  I have used publisher alot and this is as easy as that to create layouts especially with knowing the accessories and embellishments I want to use already.



I hope you like the cards as much as I do.  You can download a trial version of the new MDS2 here.  See you tomorrow.



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