Retiring Colors

Stampin’ Up will be rolling out completely revamped color families with the release of the new annual catalog on June 1st.  While I am sad to see some of my old favorites go, I am really excited about the changes.  That being said here is your chance to stock up on any of your old favorites that will be retiring.  Just remember to use the host code AHY3A6GW to be entered into the drawing for $15 in free product.

The Chart below shows what colors will be retiring from each color family.  Also not that Flirty Flamingo will be sticking around with a place in a permanent color family.

Retiring Colors 2018

All colors marked by an R will be retiring and will not longer be available after the new catalog is released on June 1st.

I would love to hear from you which colors you are saddest to see go.  I can promise you the the new colors coming are just as great.



I am Back

I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I last posted. Life has definitely been a roller coaster ride over the last few years. I am amazed how life takes us down roads we never dreamed we would ever travel yet those roads also seem to bring us back home again. Over the course of the last 3 years I have gone from working full time outside the home to starting a business with my husband that is now 100% of our family’s income. You just never know what can happen when you take a few risks and step out in faith. Now that I have things at least somewhat figured out with the business, I am looking to find a little more balance in my life and carve out some me time. For me that means spending more time in my craft room. I also want to get back to sharing my creations here and work at building my blog as well.

I have been crazy busy getting ready for my re-debut as a paper crafter and Stampin’ Up demonstrator. I will be hosting a table at the Hometown Christmas Event on Saturday, December 2nd being held at Linda’s Salon in Eaton Rapids. I will be selling hand made cards for all occasions and will have a selection of Christmas cards as well. I will also be looking to fill stamp clubs starting in January.

Here is a preview of a few of the cards that I will have available on Saturday.

Let me know which card is your favorite or what type of card you would like to see.


Sigma Alpha Online Fundraiser

I am participating in an Online fundraiser for my sorority the Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha.

Sigma Alpha

The way it works is anyone can email me at and place a Stampin’ Up order between now and the 15th of November.  For every order placed, I will give the Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha 10% of the dollar value of the order placed for starters and if I receive over $600 in orders I will give Sigma Alpha 15% of all orders placed.  You can order anything from the Annual Catalog or the Holiday Catalog.  See the side bar of my blog for links to all the current catalogs.  You just need to let me know what you want to order and that you want your order to help support Sigma Alpha.  All orders placed before the 15th should be received before Thanksgiving.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

New Year — New Catalog — New Special

Hello Everyone,

Stampin’ Up has released a new Spring Catalog to accompany their annual catalog.

Spring Catalog

You can now order from this catalog. There are a ton of new items in the catalog. I will be offering product shares and will post those this weekend as well. This catalog definitely has a lot of great stuff that makes it hard to pick just a few things.

January also has a very sweet deal to get you started on some sweet Valentines projects. They are offering a product bundle and a free item with purchase options as well.

From January 3 through January 21, you will have the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Valentine Treat Bundle. This bundle, created specifically for this special offer, contains the brand-new Happy Valentine Heart Single Stamp (English only) and a package of 1″ x 8″ cellophane bags. Additionally, during the My Little Valentine promotion, you will get the Sealed with Love Simply Sent Kit FREE-a $7.95 value-when you purchase the brand-new My Little Valentine Set. This four-piece set was created exclusively for this promotion and will not be available again after January 21! The Sealed with Love Simply Sent Kit is a hold over from the 2012 Holiday Catalog only available until February 14, 2013.


Click here to order Stampin’ Up Products on-line 24/7

My Stamping Area

Hello Everyone.  I don’t have a stamping project to share with you today.  I have a great 3-D project in the works but I got some great news on Friday that was a real answer to prayer that distracted me before I could finish the whole project. I then decided that I would just take the rest of the day off and go pick the kids up from school. We then went to the local zoo to celebrate. We really enjoy our small zoo and Daddy had recently finished some landscaping inside the zoo and the kids had wanted to see what Daddy had done. We had a beautiful afternoon. Here the kids are riding one of their favorite animals.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house and getting stuff around for the Craft show next weekend so project is still not ready for the blog yet. I didn’t want to miss posting two days in a row so I am going to share with you my stamping area.  Prior to the start of September all of my stamping stuff was stored in my bedroom and I had to move it all from my bedroom to the dining room table and back again every time I wanted to stamp. This was not a good set up for regular stamping.  We decided that since we moved the kids around and they had more room in their bedrooms they could share a little of their playroom with Mommy. So I could have a place to stamp.  I think they are as excited to have Mommy downstairs in their play room as I am to have a place to stamp.

I must warn you this is not a fancy setup. It is a very small space but it does it’s job.  I am sharing this with you so that you can see that you don’t need a fancy craft room to be able to stamp.

I have enjoyed being downstairs and hearing the kids play while I stamp.  I do plan on and have already made changes to the area.  I want to cover the shoe boxes with DSP to coordinate with what kind of stuff is inside the boxes.  I just haven’t taken the time to make it pretty yet. The changes have all been functional so far.  What I love most is that everything is within arms reach.

I hope you are enjoying you weekend. See you tomorrow.


Where did summer go?

I can’t believe the summer is almost over.  It was meet your teacher day at my kid’s school which means summer is gone at our house.  I have mixed emotions about this summer being over.  This was going to be my summer of fun as it was the first summer I wasn’t working and home with the kids.  I can honestly say I worked harder this summer than I ever did working outside the home.  I am not referring to all the normal stuff that we as moms take care of on a daily basis.  This summer we decided that the inside of our house needed a serious face lift and we painted two bedrooms, the living room, and dining room as well as adding crown molding in the living rooms and dining room.  We also did some major rearranging of furniture in the entire house.  This required a lot of reorganizing and a lot of purging which we are still not finished with.  image
This is my daughter’s room which she shares with my mom. It was a drab nondescript tan color before. This green is much more soothing and we added the shelves around the top of the room.  We forgot to take any before pictures so you can’t understand the total transformation.  We still have to finish the curtains but that is a project once school is back in session.  I also have some Disney Snow White pictures that I am going to frame and put up over her dresser to finish this wall.


These two are in the living room area.  We painted the walls two colors.  We have the rich green color and then the tan color that we call mushroom.  My sister gave it that name as she said it looks like the color of mushrooms.  The funny part of that is she hates mushrooms so now she has to live with them on the walls.  This is a real transformation for us as we have never really had color on the walls of anything other than a bedroom and never anything near this dark but we all love the colors.  We are also excited the hanging lamp in the top picture was painted by my Grandmother back when I was a kid and had been packed away for a long time since it didn’t go with our old decorating but we are glad to have it back out.


This is my son’s room.  His room was the nursery and had a very light mint green color on the walls with stamped stars, moons, and plants in red, blue, and yellow.  He is my cowboy and wanted a cowboy room.  We did the walls in blue and then my mom made the curtains from material she already had.  I had already used the same material to make a bulletin board for him prior to our redecoration.  The curtains split in the center and the edges button on the side to give a great triangle-shaped opening to let in the light.  When down the really darken the room and keep the cold out as mom put a pre-quilted navy material on the back.  The room darkening will be great during daylight savings time and early school night bedtime.    He loves his bedroom which is what matters.

All of this redecorating got in the way of me doing much stamping this summer.  I am having major withdrawal.  I just have one project left to finish on the house and I will be already to start creating and crafting and stamping again.  My last project is to move all my stamping stuff out of my bedroom and downstairs to the basement.  The kids are now going to have to share their playroom with me and my stamping stuff.  This means that I will be able to work without getting everything out every time and taking over the dining room table.  I will post pictures once everything is all moved.  I have also made a promise to myself and now to the world since I am saying it here.  I am going to post something new on my blog everyday in September.  I have always been told it takes 21 days to make a habit so I am going to go a few extra and post for 30 days in September.  This should get me off to a good start.  I am going to start by sharing some of the projects I did do at the beginning of June but never got around to posting and then I will be sharing some holiday themed projects as well as some of the projects I have planned around getting my new stamping area organized and pretty.  I am also going to be sharing some new things related to my Stampin’ Up business and some opportunities for others to get to stamping with me.  See you in September.

My Story

      Wow!  Here I am again a new demonstrator amazed at all the changes life has handed me since I signed up the first time 3 years ago.  Last time I signed up because I needed a hobby and something to help me balance my life between my family, work, and me as an individual.  Unfortnately, the job won and there wasn’t room for it, my family and Stampin Up.
So what changed that I have room for Stampin Up again you may wonder?  A lot for starters, I was laid off from my job at the end of September.  This wasn’t just any job.  This was my dream job.  The job my two degrees and a life time of experience had uniquely qualified me for or so I had thought.  I was the victim of governmental budget cuts and all the overtime, blood, sweat, and tears meant nothing budgets had to balance and that meant positions had to be eliminated and mine was one of the ones that got cut.  Here is the kicker, I found out that I would be unemployeed in 4 months on my 9 year wedding anniversary.  Yeah, you read that right I had 4 months to keep working 60 hour weeks knowing I would not have a job at the end of those months.  As if that wasn’t enough to handle in one summer, I also had to have hip surgery and my husband had to have shoulder surgery.
Thank God he is a faithful and loving God who is there to carry us through valleys.  I was given what I believe to be the greatest gift I could have been given.  I went from being a full time 60+ hours a week working mom to a stay at home mom virtually overnight.  My kids were thrilled.  My husband was happy he didn’t have to be a single parent every night but that didn’t answer those important questions like how were we going to pay the bills and where were we going to get health insurance and most importantly what was I going to do with the rest of my life.
The answer I have come up with for the moment is that I am going to be the mom that I have always wanted to be and I have been able to to that over the last year as I have been blessed with a part-time job at my kids school where I get to see them everyday.  As much as I love being at their school as a staff member, volunteer, and parent.  I can’t provide everything my family needs on a part time position.  I am praying that I can continue to remain a stay at home mom so I thought of Stampin’ Up as a perfect fit to my new life goals.  I can earn an income while remaining at home with my kids and with the flexiability to be there for those big and small moments in my kids life.           I am excited about this latest adventure in my life as I get to do what I love and share that passion with others as a Stampin’ Up demonstrator.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

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