About Me

Hello.  My name is Jenny O’Neal.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Brad for 16 years.  We have two amazing kids.  Our daughter Lainy is 13 and her passion is music.  She plays the viola and the alto and baritone saxaphones.  Our son Micah is 11 and he splits his time between music and sports.  He plays guitar and is learning the trombone.

Brad and I own and operate O’Neal’s Odds and Ends.  We do construction and home improvement projects.  We started the business in May of 2016 and I officially got my builders license in July of 2016.  Brad does most of the heavy construction work and I handle most of the paperwork.  While I enjoy what we do, and love having the flexibility of working at home, I need something that is mine so to speak which is where stamping and this blog come in.

I love paper crafting and stamping because when I am creating I can for a little while shut out all the wonderful craziness that is my life.  I know you all can relate because as women we all wear multiple hats and have perfected the art of multi-tasking but we all need that place where we can just focus on refilling our batteries and for me that place is my craft room.

I hope that you will find a little inspiration and a few laughs here on my blog.


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