Milk cartons

I am on my way home from the craft show/flea market at the steam engine/tractor show. It was not what we expected but we definitely had a fun family adventure. Lainy placed 2nd and Micah 4th in their divisions in the pedal tractor pulls. We all won at bingo and the kids found a bunch of treasure in the saw dust pile. We also survived a hail storm with out too much damage to anything. I also managed to get my 3-D project finished enough that I can share it with you.

I started with the Big Shot and the mini milk carton XL die. I have used this die in the past for Christmas and Valentines favors. They are great filled with any kind of candy. What has made today’s project so much fun is the stamp set. It is called Got Treats and is designed to work with the mini milk cartons. I have attempted to use every one of the stamps included in the set and have included options for both male and females. I will admit that I used left over milk cartons from past projects and that is why all the cartons are red or some shade of pink. I did have one white one so that was the lucky carton for St. Patrick’s Day. I am missing the Halloween one. I will get that one finished at some point and time and share that one as well. I am just going to post the pictures and let them speak for themselves.


This is one side the other side has the words you will see in the next picture.


The other side of each color is the same as the side you see on the other one. Each carton has an image and the words. The other two sides are blank.


Notice the different open stamps on the cartons to come.


This set only uses the words on two sides. I didn’t want to tie these to a specific holiday. In my life people can use a treat most when there is no holiday near by.


I purposely kept these very simple because I envision these being made for a classroom and a lot of embellishment would be lost on the kids.


These do not have the words they have the cupcake on two sides opposite each other. The stamp has a top to the cupcake but I used the Cupcake punch and Stampin’ dimensionals to pop the top which is the best part in our house. Also notice the tops are embossed using the big shot and embossing folders.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the possibilities of the Got Treats stamp set as much as I enjoyed making them. See you tomorrow.



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