Wrapping Paper to Match

I wanted to follow-up yesterday’s post with one about wrapping paper because gift tags and wrapping paper are things I never seem to have or at least the kind you get at the store. It seems like a waste of good money to spend as much as some of the bags and cards cost at the store.  What I do have at my house is a roll of white paper that I got for free.  I don’t know where my husband got it but it is the end of a roll used for some kind of printing (a roll of freezer paper would work just as well). I usually start by wrapping the present with usually a double layer of paper. I don’t like wasting effort stamping an area that won’t be seen and I am not a good judge of where the design is going to be on the package once it is wrapped. Since I make the wrapping and the card it is easy to get them to match.

The project I am going to show you is one I made this summer for a wedding. I really liked the fact that I could coordinate my wrapping paper with the colors of the wedding which were teal and brown. I used my Very Vintage Jumbo Stampin’ wheel and rolled the background in a teal(I don’t remember the exact colors I used it was a while ago). I just inked the wheel on my ink pad and then rolled it across the paper the short way so I didn’t run out of ink mid roll. I then used a couple of stamps that say “congratulations” and “Welcome to the wedded bliss club” both sets are retired now. This is another project where I am just sharing an idea not the stamp set. I used brown for the words again to coordinate with their wedding colors.

Sorry about the picture quality I forgot to take a picture at home and my camera was not very on my phone. I have made wrapping paper for a number of occasions and it always seems to go over very well. My kids love personalizing the wrapping paper for their friends. The kids and parents alike love the personalized touch. I actually typed this post twice once in the truck on the way down to Adrian and now sitting in the trailer listening to it rain. I am praying it stops so that we can have a nice day for the craft show and steam engine show tomorrow. I am excited to meet some new stampers tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy making wrapping paper as much as I do. See you tomorrow.


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