My Stamping Area

Hello Everyone.  I don’t have a stamping project to share with you today.  I have a great 3-D project in the works but I got some great news on Friday that was a real answer to prayer that distracted me before I could finish the whole project. I then decided that I would just take the rest of the day off and go pick the kids up from school. We then went to the local zoo to celebrate. We really enjoy our small zoo and Daddy had recently finished some landscaping inside the zoo and the kids had wanted to see what Daddy had done. We had a beautiful afternoon. Here the kids are riding one of their favorite animals.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house and getting stuff around for the Craft show next weekend so project is still not ready for the blog yet. I didn’t want to miss posting two days in a row so I am going to share with you my stamping area.  Prior to the start of September all of my stamping stuff was stored in my bedroom and I had to move it all from my bedroom to the dining room table and back again every time I wanted to stamp. This was not a good set up for regular stamping.  We decided that since we moved the kids around and they had more room in their bedrooms they could share a little of their playroom with Mommy. So I could have a place to stamp.  I think they are as excited to have Mommy downstairs in their play room as I am to have a place to stamp.

I must warn you this is not a fancy setup. It is a very small space but it does it’s job.  I am sharing this with you so that you can see that you don’t need a fancy craft room to be able to stamp.

I have enjoyed being downstairs and hearing the kids play while I stamp.  I do plan on and have already made changes to the area.  I want to cover the shoe boxes with DSP to coordinate with what kind of stuff is inside the boxes.  I just haven’t taken the time to make it pretty yet. The changes have all been functional so far.  What I love most is that everything is within arms reach.

I hope you are enjoying you weekend. See you tomorrow.



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